Mental Health Videos – YouTube Resource List

18 Jan 2021
Mental Health Videos, Mental Health Videos – YouTube Resource List

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is important. We’ve pulled together our top mental health videos which can be found on YouTube to provide a central resource on a number of topics.

Here are our top Mental Health Videos:

Oxford CBT Animations

  1. Mental Health First Aid with OxfordCBT


  1. TED talk on the power of mindfulness
  2. TED talk all it takes is 10 mindful minutes
  3. Happify, Meditation 101 – a beginner’s guide
  4. Happify, Meditation for beginners
  5. Happify, Why Mindfulness is a Superpower: an animation
  6. Happify, How Mindfulness empowers us
  7. Happify, Meditation
  8. Yoga with Adriene, 10-minute Yoga 


  1. TED talk how to cope with anxiety
  2. Happify, how to defeat negative thinking
  3. Happify, how to calm your worries and sleep better
  4. NHS, anxiety
  5. NHS, anxiety control training
  6. NHS, unhelpful thinking
  7. Anxiety UK, tips for dealing with anxiety
  8. Anxiety UK, I think I have anxiety, what can I do?
  9. Mind, How I got help for anxiety
  10. BBC Three, Anxiety, antidepressants and my mental health
  11. ASAP science, why are you anxious?

Social Anxiety

  1. Osmosis, what is social anxiety disorder?
  2. TED, do I have social anxiety?

Eating Disorders

  1. NHS, Anorexia
  2. NHS, Anorexia: Katie’s story
  3. NHS, Bulimia Nervosa
  4. Osmosis, Bulimia causes
  5. Maudsley NHS, Eating disorders
  6. TED, Eating disorders from the inside out


  1. Osmosis, ADHD causes
  2. TED, ADHD from the inside
  3. Is ADHD an advantage?


  1. OCD UK, what is OCD?
  2. Good morning Britain, OCD and me interview
  3. Osmosis, OCD causes
  4. Ted Ed, debunking the myths of OCD
  5.  Vice, coping with severe OCD as a teenager
  6. TED talk, OCD and me


  1. NHS Lawrence’s story clinical depression
  2. NHS low mood and depression podcast
  3. Mind, 5 ways to get moving and feel better
  4. Mind, food and mood
  5. Mind, getting active
  6. ASAP science, the science of depression


  1. NHS low confidence and assertiveness
  2. TED, Self-esteem
  3. TED, 3 tips to boost your confidence
  4. TED, the skill of self-confidence


  1. NHS stress
  2. Mind 8 relaxation tips
  3. BBC interview with Neil Shah
  4. Anxiety UK, Tips for managing anxiety and stress
  5. ASAP science – 7 tips to reduce stress now

What is CBT? 

  1. Mind, what is CBT?

Helping Loved Ones

  1. Samaritans, listening tips
  2. Samaritans, when you’re not sure what to say
  3. Samaritans, try not to jump in
  4. Samaritans, listen with your eyes
  5. Samaritans, you don’t need to be an expert

At OxfordCBT we offer in person and online therapy to provide tailored advice and strategy to manage and help your mental health. Please get in touch if we can help.