About us

We’re Oxford CBT. Established in 2012, we provide a service that assesses people quickly and provides high quality, evidence-based treatments and courses that are designed to improve the quality of life.

, About us

We’re not only in Oxford.

Covering Oxford, Birmingham, Bicester and Reading (as well as consultations via Skype), we offer CBT treatment and mindfulness courses to adults, children, schools and employers. We support people with challenges ranging from work stress and problems sleeping, to anxiety, low mood and OCD.

We do this together.

Led by our Clinical Director Tom Murfitt and supported by our team of fully qualified clinicians, we provide a professional, supportive and empathic environment that delivers long term and sustainable benefits.

Mission and values

What we’re all striving for.

At Oxford CBT we are invested in people and wellbeing. The relationships we share and develop with people, colleagues and with our partners, are the core value in what we do. We are committed to these shared relationships for the long term.
Ultimately, our mission together, is to be recognised as the leading provider of CBT and mindfulness therapy in Oxford and the wider Thames Valley. That’s both in terms of the excellence of our clinical services and the ethicality behind our service delivery.
, About us

More about us

Our clinical team.

At Oxford CBT we have a fantastic and growing team of over twenty clinicians, committed to the wellbeing of both their clients and the wider community that we are all a part of. As well as bringing great skills and experience, they are also truly wonderful people.
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And relax

One of our therapy rooms at Oxford CBT.

Where to find us

Our Oxford base.

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