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Who We are

At Oxford CBT we are invested in people and wellbeing. Our commitment to develop and nurture our shared relationships with people, colleagues and partners, are the core values in what we do.

Live with purpose and fulfilment

We provide quick and flexible access to professional therapy treatment, with the aim of helping clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves so they can live more meaningful lives with purpose and fulfilment. We are committed to equipping clients with the tools and skills to navigate life’s stresses to ultimately be their own therapist; to notice unhelpful thoughts or behaviours with compassion, and to change them with curiosity and kindness.

Achieving liberation in mental wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do at Oxford CBT. We continuously strive to ease emotional distress and improve mental well-being whilst upholding our core values – resilience, patience, acceptance, compassion, and authenticity.

Trusted and established in evidence-based treatment

Oxford CBT was established in 2012 as a private clinic that promises to assess patients quickly, whilst providing high quality, evidence-based treatment designed to improve quality of life. We help people to overcome a range of difficulties to enhance wellbeing. We provide our patients with a professional, supportive, and sympathetic environment that delivers long-term and sustainable benefits with sessions delivered online or at our clinics in Oxford & Birmingham. 

Let’s do this together

Led by our Clinical Director Tom Murfitt and supported by our team of fully qualified clinicians, we provide a professional, supportive and empathic environment that delivers long term and sustainable benefits.

“I can understand both from a professional and personal perspective the courage and effort it takes to seek help. Most people find it difficult to take the first step, admitting to themselves that they are not feeling good about life and that despite their best efforts they can’t seem to shift how they feel to make things better, realising that it may be time to seek help from a professional.

I believe it is important that the right help is available at the right time with the right people. People who are warm empathic and have the tools and skills to help. Because of this, I set up Oxford CBT.”

- Tom Murfitt

Our Locations

Oxford Clinic

Birmingham Clinic

What our patients have to say

Begin your
wellness journey

Get in touch with us and we will assess your needs and expertly pair you with the right clinician and services to get you on the path to embracing life.

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