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Who we treat

At Oxford CBT we are invested in people and wellbeing. The relationships we share and develop with people, colleagues and with our partners, are the core value in what we do.

Personal Therapy

Support for Adults

We all can get caught up either in our work life or home life. Forgetting to check in with ourselves and our mental health can be seen as an extra task and even sometimes deemed unnecessary, meanwhile becoming more accustomed to the way things are and how we are functioning, no matter the underlining difficulties. 

Personal Therapy

Support for Children

Children can experience difficulties in much the same way as adults, dealing with the pressures of school, exams, sexuality, developing relationships and family life. With our support, we can help children move forward with their lives and feel happier, more confident and more comfortable when communicating with their peers. 


Corporate & Workplace

Mental health in the workplace includes everything from the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety, all the way to more complex mental health conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues each year and 9 out of 10 people that suffer from mental health will face some kind of stigma or discrimination. 


Mental Health First Aid

You know how to bandage a cut, treat a burn or call for help when someone needs first aid. But would you know what to do if that person were experiencing mentally ill health?  Mental Health First Aid teaches you what to look for, do and say so you can do the right thing at the right time. 



School can be a difficult environment for children, with the stresses of learning sitting alongside the pressures of building relationships and estabilishing their personability.
Their ability to cope with and enjoy school is often directly linked to their wellbeing, which in turn leads to an increase in confidence. 
We work with employers, managers, teachers and rehabilitation providers across the UK, providing therapy within a group environment. In some circumstances, you may be able to claim on your company health insurance policy for some treatments provided to your employees.

What our patients have to say

What Our Patients Have To Say

15:37 01 Sep 23
Highly recommend Oxford CBT. Deepika was incredibly helpful when it came to invoices for insurance, and changing between in-person and online sessions. My weekly sessions with Ellie were always positive, she always validated my feelings and provided me with techniques to reach my therapy goals. She is brilliant, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help.
Imogen GrahamImogen Graham
14:10 08 Jun 23
Can't speak highly enough of Oxford CBT. The booking/rearrangement process has been updated to be really easy, and the flexibility to be online or in-person is invaluable. I worked on my struggles with depression and anxiety with Ellen and then more extensively with Ellie and she helped me so much, even just session-to-session she's so friendly and warm and validating, I could laugh with her just as often as I could cry. When I started CBT I wasn't convinced that it would work but with the patience of Ellen and Ellie, I'm doing so much better. Thank you so much to them and to Oxford CBT.
Gemma LandersGemma Landers
14:03 20 May 22
It was very easy to book sessions. Jennifer was a great therapist, every session with her was great and really helped me. She was kind and caring and knowledgeable. All the things she gave me to help, worked, and I still use them now when I need to. CBT really helped me and I would highly recommend Oxford CBT.
James WestgateJames Westgate
11:10 27 Sep 21
Karen IsonKaren Ison
15:52 14 Sep 21
I have just completed a final phase of therapy. It has been hard work but so beneficial. The schema therapy knowledge that Tom used has given me a much better insight into how my childhood has impacted me as an adult and given me freedom from the past and the ability to move on. Tom's unfailing encouragement and empathy kept me going on the difficult journey. I would recommend to anyone.
Elizabeth RoweElizabeth Rowe
16:39 03 Mar 21
I started doing weekly CBT sessions with Ellie in September 2020 at a time when I was suffering badly from insomnia and was looking for help dealing with anxiety and racing thoughts at night. Although we never met in person but only over Zoom, I felt as though Ellie and I had some really good conversations. She's an immensely sympathetic and caring person and she also has a good sense of humour. She really tried hard to help me talk through my problems and to give me CBT-based strategies for dealing with stress. I'd recommend her to anyone.
12:20 07 Jul 20
I had my therapy sessions with Adam Lacey. He is just amazing. He has empowered me to be more in touch with myself and more true to my values. He has helped me to understand the matrix through which I see the world, in order to change it accordingly to what I really believe in and to what I find more useful in this moment of my life. He has helped to develop my compassionate side both towards myself and towards others. We’ve worked together on self criticism and self confidence. I felt Adam kept adapting the sessions according to my needs, mixing up different styles and supporting me holistically. I also brought to him themes that might be less common for therapists (such as polyamory) and he has made me feel welcomed, safe and supported.Skype sessions worked perfectly fine. Adam has been able to create a connection and make me feel completely comfortable with the online sessions.

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