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Student Mental Health Training Oxford

Discover Oxford CBT’s Student Mental Health Training Oxford, a comprehensive initiative designed for education professionals in Oxfordshire. Focused on enhancing mental wellbeing, our training courses offer expert guidance in student mental health.

Training Opportunities for Staff and Resources for Students in Oxford

Oxford CBT is committed to advancing student mental health in Oxford through specialized training for tutors and health education staff. Our student mental health training courses are meticulously designed to empower educational professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to support the mental wellbeing of Oxford students. 

These courses encompass a range of topics, from understanding the nuances of student mental health to applying effective intervention strategies. In addition to training for education staff, we provide an array of resources aimed at students. These include practical advice, links to wellbeing support services, and an informative wellbeing hub accessible via computer. 

Our approach ensures that both staff and students in Oxfordshire have access to comprehensive support, enhancing the overall mental health strategy within educational environments. By participating in our training and utilising our resources, education providers can cultivate a more informed and proactive approach to student mental wellbeing.


Our Vision for Student Mental Health in Oxford

Our vision at Oxford CBT is to create a thriving educational environment in Oxfordshire where student mental health is prioritised and effectively managed. We strive to see a community where every tutor, health educator, and student is equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand, address, and support mental wellbeing. Our goal is for students in Oxford to have access to a robust support network that promotes their mental health as a fundamental part of their overall success and wellbeing.
We envision a future where mental health training is an integral part of the education system, enabling a proactive approach to student mental health. This vision drives us to continuously develop and refine our courses, resources, and support services, ensuring they are accessible, relevant, and effective for the diverse needs of students and education staff in Oxfordshire. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to foster a culture of understanding, empathy, and resilience within the educational community.

Three Core Components

Our Aims and Objectives For Student Mental Health in Oxford

At Oxford CBT, our primary aim is to enhance the mental wellbeing of students in Oxford by providing comprehensive mental health training and support services to education staff. We focus on developing an informed and empathetic approach among tutors and health educators, equipping them with the skills necessary for effective student support.

Our objectives include:

  • Delivering High-Quality Training: We offer a range of student mental health training courses in Oxford, ensuring that education staff are well-equipped to identify and address mental health issues among students.
  • Promoting Awareness and Understanding: Through our training and resources, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of student mental wellbeing, fostering a supportive environment in educational settings.
  • Providing Practical Resources and Advice: We ensure that both staff and students have access to practical advice and resources, including links to wellbeing hubs and reflective practice tools.
  • Building a Supportive Community: Our goal is to create a network of well-informed education staff who can effectively contribute to the health strategy of educational institutions in Oxfordshire.
  • In achieving these objectives, we commit to a holistic approach that not only addresses immediate mental health concerns but also works towards building a long-term, sustainable environment of wellbeing for Oxford students.

Core Areas

At Oxford CBT, our focus on student mental health training in Oxford encompasses several core areas, each critical to the overall wellbeing of students and the effectiveness of education staff in supporting them. These core areas form the foundation of our training courses and resources, ensuring a comprehensive approach to mental health in educational settings.

The core areas include:

  • Understanding Mental Health: Educating tutors and health educators about the fundamentals of mental health, including common conditions and their impact on students.
  • Early Intervention and Support: Training staff to identify early signs of mental distress in students and providing them with effective intervention strategies.
  • Creating a Supportive Environment: Guidance on fostering a safe and inclusive atmosphere in educational settings, where students feel comfortable discussing their mental health.
  • Developing Resilience and Coping Skills: Equipping students with practical skills and strategies to manage their mental wellbeing, including stress management and mindfulness techniques.
  • Promoting Collaboration and Communication: Encouraging open dialogue and collaboration between students, education staff, and mental health professionals to ensure a unified approach to student wellbeing.

By focusing on these core areas, Oxford CBT aims to empower both educators and students in Oxfordshire with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of mental health, fostering a more supportive and understanding educational community.


Effective Communication

Effective communication stands at the heart of our approach to student mental health training at Oxford CBT. We prioritize teaching education staff in Oxford the skills of active listening and empathetic engagement, essential for making students feel truly heard and understood. 

Our training focuses on enabling educators to respond to mental health discussions with compassion and empathy, fostering a safe and open environment for students to express their concerns. Furthermore, we advocate for the normalization of mental health dialogues within the educational community of Oxfordshire, reducing stigma and encouraging openness. 

By enhancing these communication skills, Oxford CBT aims to create a supportive atmosphere where students can access the understanding and help they need for their mental wellbeing.


Mind Resources and Training

At Oxford CBT, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive mind resources and training to support student mental health in Oxford. Our approach integrates the latest research and strategies in mental wellbeing, ensuring that education staff are equipped with the most effective tools and knowledge. Our resources, ranging from online wellbeing hubs to informative advice pages, are designed to be easily accessible and highly relevant to the needs of both students and educators.

These resources are complemented by our bespoke training courses, which are tailored specifically for the educational context of Oxfordshire. The training sessions focus on developing a deep understanding of student mental health, equipping education staff with practical strategies for supporting their students. By combining these resources and training, Oxford CBT aims to empower educators to effectively address the mental health needs of their students, fostering a healthier, more supportive learning environment.


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What Our Patients Have To Say

15:37 01 Sep 23
Highly recommend Oxford CBT. Deepika was incredibly helpful when it came to invoices for insurance, and changing between in-person and online sessions. My weekly sessions with Ellie were always positive, she always validated my feelings and provided me with techniques to reach my therapy goals. She is brilliant, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help.
Imogen GrahamImogen Graham
14:10 08 Jun 23
Can't speak highly enough of Oxford CBT. The booking/rearrangement process has been updated to be really easy, and the flexibility to be online or in-person is invaluable. I worked on my struggles with depression and anxiety with Ellen and then more extensively with Ellie and she helped me so much, even just session-to-session she's so friendly and warm and validating, I could laugh with her just as often as I could cry. When I started CBT I wasn't convinced that it would work but with the patience of Ellen and Ellie, I'm doing so much better. Thank you so much to them and to Oxford CBT.
Gemma LandersGemma Landers
14:03 20 May 22
It was very easy to book sessions. Jennifer was a great therapist, every session with her was great and really helped me. She was kind and caring and knowledgeable. All the things she gave me to help, worked, and I still use them now when I need to. CBT really helped me and I would highly recommend Oxford CBT.
James WestgateJames Westgate
11:10 27 Sep 21
Karen IsonKaren Ison
15:52 14 Sep 21
I have just completed a final phase of therapy. It has been hard work but so beneficial. The schema therapy knowledge that Tom used has given me a much better insight into how my childhood has impacted me as an adult and given me freedom from the past and the ability to move on. Tom's unfailing encouragement and empathy kept me going on the difficult journey. I would recommend to anyone.
Elizabeth RoweElizabeth Rowe
16:39 03 Mar 21
I started doing weekly CBT sessions with Ellie in September 2020 at a time when I was suffering badly from insomnia and was looking for help dealing with anxiety and racing thoughts at night. Although we never met in person but only over Zoom, I felt as though Ellie and I had some really good conversations. She's an immensely sympathetic and caring person and she also has a good sense of humour. She really tried hard to help me talk through my problems and to give me CBT-based strategies for dealing with stress. I'd recommend her to anyone.
12:20 07 Jul 20
I had my therapy sessions with Adam Lacey. He is just amazing. He has empowered me to be more in touch with myself and more true to my values. He has helped me to understand the matrix through which I see the world, in order to change it accordingly to what I really believe in and to what I find more useful in this moment of my life. He has helped to develop my compassionate side both towards myself and towards others. We’ve worked together on self criticism and self confidence. I felt Adam kept adapting the sessions according to my needs, mixing up different styles and supporting me holistically. I also brought to him themes that might be less common for therapists (such as polyamory) and he has made me feel welcomed, safe and supported.Skype sessions worked perfectly fine. Adam has been able to create a connection and make me feel completely comfortable with the online sessions.

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