Stress Awareness Month – We Talk All Things Stress

12 Apr 2021
Stress Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month – We Talk All Things Stress

The 1st of April marked the start of Stress Awareness Month, which is an annual awareness campaign that aims to increase public awareness about stress.

Research from the Mental Health Foundation found 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last twelve months that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. That’s 3 in every 4 people. Stress is one of the biggest health challenges in recent time, but it still isn’t being taken as seriously as physical health concerns. It is a significant factor in mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and has also been linked to physical health problems such as heart disease, immune system issues, insomnia and digestive problems. The good news is that every year, one whole month is dedicated to stress. This year, the key themes of Stress Awareness Month are feelings of disconnection, uncertainty, and a worrying loss of control.

Stress and Covid-19

The Stress Management Society and Huawei AppGallery collaborated to gain a greater understanding of the true impact of COVID-19 on the British Public. They surveyed 2,000 nationally representative British adults  in January 2021. The results showed that for many, Covid has increased feelings of stress.

Stress Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month – We Talk All Things Stress
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Do these findings resonate with you?

Dealing With Stress

During Stress Awareness Month there are lots of free resources to help you understand, deal with and overcome stress. We list our favourite five below:

#1 What Is Stress – An OxfordCBT article to help you understand what stress is, the most common symptoms (physical, emotional and behavioural) and ideas to help deal with stress.

#2 Stress Relief Adult Colouring Book – Free colouring book offered by the Stress Management Society. Mindfulness activities such as colouring can be particularly great to help you deal with stress and feel less overwhelmed.

#3 30 Day Challenge – Why not try this 30 day challenge from the Stress Management Society. Don’t worry if you are starting mid-way through the month, just start from the beginning and challenge yourself to complete the 30 days!

#4 Headspace – one of the most well known apps, did you know meditation has been scientifically proven to help alleviate stress after just eight weeks of a regular practice? Headspace has a 10 minute stress meditation track along with a plethora of other resources.

#5 Signs of Stress Poster – Why not download this poster and share it with workplace colleagues this month? By making conversations about mental health and wellbeing the norm, you are helping normalise mental illness. Our Mental Health First Aid course can further help with this.

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