Oxford CBT helped in many ways! By helping me understand myself, my own reactions, and those of others. But also helping me with strategic problem solving. Thank you!

My sessions provided me with the tools to be able to make positive changes in my life, as well as helping me to identify unhelpful behaviours.

In the short-term Oxford CBT helped with my depression and in the long term gave me the confidence and tools to address chronic problems (anxiety and anxiety related habits).

I found that talking to someone helped a lot. Even though I had read a lot about dealing with my problems on my own it really helped to actually speak to someone who can give constructive advice. It made me feel safer, and not like the hypocondriac I make myself out to be sometimes.

My therapist helped me to come to terms with issues that were causing me anxiety.

My CBT sessions have just totally altered my outlook on life and I am overwhelmed by the difference I can see in myself.

Oxford CBT helped me devise a rational methodology for being able to address the challenges I’ve been facing in given situations. It helped me to have a “mental grip” on my thinking patterns.

My life absolutely changed.

I’m now managing two phobias and feeling more in control of my life, and better able to cope.

Oxford CBT has helped me deal with negative thoughts better. I also learned how to question thoughts that are not helpful.

Oxford CBT has helped me greatly as my depression has largely gone. Other aspects of my life are much improved especially attitude to sleep.

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One of our therapy rooms at Oxford CBT.

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