“I went to see Alice in September as I was suffering with sleep anxiety. I am quite an awkward man and had never had therapy before, however Alice made me feel very at ease. She helped me change my approach to sleep and I’ve been sleeping much better ever since.”

“Calming, quiet, thoughtful”

“Allowing myself to be open-minded to other peoples need for quiet time and reflection”

‘Really enjoyed the course, nice to try different mindfulness strategies, lovely time out from busy day”

“Insightful, interesting, revealing”

“Peaceful, Joyful, Thought-provoking”

“I am going to miss working with such a great group and teacher”

“The course has provided the opportunity to find myself again and without guilt to appreciate the world around me and the life we live”

“Tom has been fantastic in introducing us to the concept of being mindful, being kind to ourselves. Taking time for ourselves has now become a routine through attending these sessions”

“I have gained a practical application of mindful practice to everyday life and situations”

Understanding we can’t change our primary experience but we have a choice of how we react to them. Thoughts are not facts!

It’s difficult to put into words but I’ll try …Greater self awareness, a toolkit for looking after myself and an understanding of my own needs