Joana Lohrke
Clinical Psychologist

Joana is the newest addition to our Oxford Team. She is an experienced Psychologist working with children, adolescents and young adults and supporting families since 2004. Having worked in Norway and Germany in a number of different Mental Health services, including: Children and Adolescents Mental Health out-patient Clinic , Paediatric department in University Hospital, Family centre.
Joana is an expert in counselling of parents with babies and small children with sleeping problems, eating difficulties and other self-regulation difficulties. She has wide experience in treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD and PTSD.
Joana has a well-founded psychological knowledge, great psychological experience and therapeutic background. She recognises the patient’s needs and due to her great professional experience, she can handle in a sensitive and clear manner.
Joana has experience working in a large range of problems within different countries, she has a kind and respectful manner and is fluent in English, German, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Specialist in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology in Norway, Children and Adolescent Psychological Psychotherapist in Germany and BPS Chartered member