5 ways to Keep Mentally Healthy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

22 Oct 2020

Mental health is very much as important as physical health and should be just as much a priority. We understand that in busy times, stressful times and even just everyday life, sometimes you can make decisions that put your wellbeing on the backburner, but it’s time to take an active role – and it only takes a few days to make something a habit!

With the coronavirus pandemic and more people self-isolating from society than before, it can be a really troubling time. Lots of people are anxious, lonely and feel cooped up. We recommend taking the isolation as a good opportunity to develop your wellbeing habits.

The New Economics Foundation has researched and developed the following five ways to good wellbeing…


We are naturally social creatures and that makes connecting with others an absolute must for our health and wellbeing. We need to feel understood; we need to feel a sense of support and community and develop long-lasting social relationships. In today’s technological world, it’s important to remember to put the phone down, take in your local community, ask about others, get to know new people and socialise regularly. Opportunities to branch out include your immediate neighbours, your colleagues, old friends or the people in your hobbies.

Be Active

Physical health and mental health are noted to have links, with active people having lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. This would suggest that exercise is essential for wellbeing. Whilst the gym isn’t for everyone, it is important to take time each day to walk, take the stairs, practice a physical hobby or even stretch.

Take Notice

It’s easy to shut off from the world or consume media instead of connecting with your surroundings but the research suggests that awareness is key to good wellbeing – so take in the scenery! Taking notice of your surroundings can help ground you, make you feel more at ease and help you live in the moment. Look around you on your commute, take in the view when you’re out and about, clear the clutter from your home and workspace, add plants and points of interest and make time to explore new places.


Humans are naturally inquisitive beings and self-development is great for wellbeing. That means it’s important to never stop learning. Whether that’s learning about new people or your colleagues, taking an evening class, reading, starting a new hobby, researching one of your interests or just staying up to date with the news, learning can increase our self-esteem.


It has long been proven that being generous and donating our time, money or items to a good cause makes us feel good. These actions make us feel not just like a good person but a part of something larger than ourselves, part of our community. Giving has been noted important for good wellbeing.

Working on these five areas of our lives can help us take a proactive role in our mental health and wellbeing.

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