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Get ready to quit smoking - #Stoptober

26-09-2014 Oxford CBT Addiction
Smoking addiction - Are you ready to quit?

Statistically if you can manage to stop for 28 days, you will be 5 times more likely to quit smoking for good.

At Oxford CBT with our quit smoking sessions we can work through some techniques to divert your mind from cravings and unwanted bad routines associated with this very expensive addiction.

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TV eating linked to obesity

26-09-2014 Oxford CBT Mindful Eating
Watch TV get fat?

Are you watching television instead of watching your weight?

Dr Higgs at Birmingham University has been looking into studies linking distracted eating (eating while doing something else at the same time; watching telly, reading, using your computer) with obesity.

The studies concluded:

  1. Distracted eating or not paying attention to the meal would be more likely to make them eat more at that meal.
  2. Paying attention to what they were eating would lead to them eating less later on.

So what can we do about this?

Introducing mindful eating

After you start eating it takes 20 minutes for the message to come from the brain to turn off the appetite signals and start sending the “I am full” signals instead.

Try this 7 step 20 minute Mindful Eating ritual at least once a week:

  1. Get rid of the distractions
  2. Pay attention to your meal
  3. Sit up to the table
  4. Live in the mealtime moment, and savour every mouthful
  5. Take small bites and chew slowly
  6. If you are right handed use your fork in your left hand
  7. Think about the time and effort it took to prepare your meal

Oxford CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can help you start #mindful_eating, so book your sessions today ....

The demon drink V social stress – a vicious circle

29-09-2014 Oxford CBT Social Stress
Robert Downey Jr drinking quote

Do you know someone or are you someone who gets nervous in a social setting? Do you find yourself getting a bit nervous or stressed and drinking too fast?

People sometimes can use alcohol as a way of relieving lowbrow level anxiety in social situations for fear of not being fun and interesting and making a poor impression but then slightly over doing it and feeling a bit upset and embarrassed when they remember what they did. This is self fulfilling original concerns of not making a good impression - thus leading to a vicious cycle.

Alcohol Misuse and social stress

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you recognise the triggers and help you to examine your feelings about yourself, in order that you make better choices about how you react in social situations.

If you would like to find out more or get some CBT help with social stress then ….