Oxford Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Learning New Skills

Training your brain.

CBT focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings , physiological changes and behaviour.

Helping you to train your brain to challenge ways of both thinking and behaving leading to improved quality of life.

If you feel anxious about a certain situation, you may notice that by avoiding or ignoring that situation, you keep the feeling of anxiety.

If you feel depressed, you may be encouraged to write down your thoughts and explore how you can look at them more realistically or differently.

If you have long-standing problems in relating to other people, you may learn to check out your beliefs about other people's motivation for doing things, rather than always assuming the worst.

During this type of therapy you will learn to change your unhelpful thoughts and behaviours through exploring your thinking about past, present and future life events in a positive and helpful way. Contact us today to book your session.