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Need Help With Anger?

Everybody gets angry, anger is a normal human emotion. Some people find that they become outwardly angry and may shout, argue, punch doors or walls or throw things, or even find themselves having physical fights.

Other people tend to keep their angry feelings inside and this can lead them to feel resentful which leads to being low in mood with angry outbursts or explosive anger.

Anger and blind fury can lead to all kinds of social and relationship problems for example a teenager suffering with anger management problems may have broken down relationships at school or at home with parents.

Anger or rage can lead to stress-related problems, such as insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches. Some research has shown that anger can increase people's chances of developing coronary heart disease and having worse outcomes if they already have heart disease.


“Talked more, managed to speak to my parents about it. Facing difficulties still. Got on very well with therapist- she's lovely.”

Sept 2015

CBT Treatment for Anger

You can learn to control your anger, studies have shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy improved people's control of their anger and reduced their hostility, aggression, and depression.

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