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Stress and the College Student

24-05-16 Affordable Schools Student Stress
Stress and the College Student

Multiple deadlines, midterms and projects - it's all part of college life. But add in a part time job, social activities and loans, it's no wonder so many under graduates are stressed out ...

Stressing Out About Exams?

15-04-15 Oxford CBT Exam Stress
Exam Stress blog

Stressing out about exams? How to spot exam stress and what to do about it. Just like other important events, exams can be anxiety-provoking and stressful for everyone. What should you look out for if you – or your son/daughter – is taking exams? How do you know if they’re too stressed? And what should you do about it?

Self Harm

25-02-15 Oxford CBT Self Harm
Self Harm blog

Self harm is a way of expressing distress, pain, anxiety, usually in private, by an individual. It can be a habit or addiction, it can be a coping mechanism and a way of controlling situation(s).

Mastery Of Your Diet

20-01-15 Oxford CBT Weight Loss
Mastery Of Your Diet

There are as many diet ideas out there as experts willing to sell you the secret formula for losing weight. We all start out with good intentions but without specific measurable goals we run the risk of falling short.

7 Top Tips for getting to sleep this Christmas

23-12-2014 Oxford CBT Insomnia
7 Top Tips for sleeping at Xmas

Are you or your children having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? They say that Santa won’t come if you aren’t asleep. Here are our top 7 tips for getting to sleep on Christmas Eve:

Need to go? Can't go? Toilet Phobia

27-11-2014 Oxford CBT Toilet Phobia
Need to go? Can't go? Toilet Phobia

What is toilet phobia? Toilet phobia is a term for various aspects of toilet anxiety.or difficulty in using the toilet, usually public toilets or "unsafe" or "unusual" toilets.

Cope with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

12-11-2014 Oxford CBT Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD
Seasonal Affective Disorder, treatment

If the change in season affects you more than usual and you struggle with feelings of lethargy, depression, sleeping longer avoiding going out, not socialising and perhaps over doing reaching for the carb laden comfort food, then doing less exercise which in turn makes you feel sluggish and lowers your mood and motivation. These are all signs that you may have the onset of the winter blues or SAD.

Samhainphobia - dealing with Halloween & treatable phobias

28-10-2014 Oxford CBT Phobia
Samhainphobia - and other treatable phobias

Does Halloween strike you with a real and genuine anxiety, do you suffer from palpitations, dizziness, do you go out of your way to avoid the Halloween decorations in the shops? Then you may have Samhainphobia.

Ebola & excessive worry or #GAD

22-10-2014 Oxford CBT GAD
Worrying too much about Ebola virus

Worrying about the pandemic Ebola? It raises many questions; what are the signs and symptoms? How is the Ebola epidemic spread? What can be done to prevent it? Is the government doing enough to stop it? Will it make hugging and handshakes a thing of the past?